Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Welcome Home Kit for a family moving into their new home! Too often, when families move from homelessness to housing they have lost everything, so we aim to start them off with the basics so they can feel at home from the get-go.

To prepare for their new home, we provide families with a $500 gift card to afford the basics they need to turn their house into a home – things like silverware, bath towels, cleaning supplies and sheets (see the full essentials list here). You can give a gift card, money for us to buy a gift card or shop yourself. However you choose to participate, your efforts will ease the transition from homelessness to housing for a local family. We believe that every one of us deserves these basics.

Without the Welcome Home Kit, many families have to go without, sleeping on the floor until they get beds and making do with supplies that everyone needs to eat, bathe, sleep, clean, organize and enjoy their home. $500 is a challenging, often impossible, expense for folks just moving from homelessness into stable housing. Most forego these to afford rent, utilities and food.

Thank you for helping us smooth the transition for local families moving from homelessness to housing. Together, we are building a community where all of us have what we need to thrive.

Three Ways to Sponsor a Welcome Home Kit. Choose Your Approach:

1. GIVE a Gift Card 
Buy a $500 gift card to Walmart or Amazon and mail it to us at: 12350 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR, 97236. Gift cards are ideal because they enable families to shop for themselves.

2. SEND Money & We’ll Buy a Gift Card

  • Donate online here ($500 will sponsor a Welcome Home Kit)
  • Send a check(s) to: Human Solutions Welcome Home Kit @ 12350 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97236. Please note that it is for a Welcome Home Kit. 

3. SHOP YOURSELF: Feel like going shopping? Just purchase (online or locally) all items on the Welcome Home Checklist and box it up. When your Welcome Home Kit is complete, send us an email to arrange a pick up or deliver to Human Solutions. We will make sure your Welcome Home Kit goes to the next family moving in (we help between 5 and 10 families move from homelessness to housing every month). When the Welcome Home Kit is complete, contact us to arrange a delivery with a Human Solutions team member. Our team will deliver to the family as they settle into their new home.

Whichever approach you choose, you can do it all yourself or gather a group: If $500 is a stretch, you can still help! Sponsoring a Welcome Home Kit with a group is a great way to go. Some ideas:

  • Gather a group (book/knitting/running club, church group, scouts, neighborhood, family, etc…) and raise $500 together – or purchase and gather all items in the kit. You decide which method works best for you to collect funds: a cash pool, collecting checks, or using an online platform like GoFundMe.
  • If you create an online giving page, we can help you set up a page or provide content. Send us an email here.
  • Send us a list of those who participated the group collection, so we can thank each member of your team. Note: per Oregon tax law, we can only provide a single tax receipt for the total value of the donation ($500).

WANT TO BE ON CALL? Commit to creating a Welcome Home Kit when the need arises. Human Solutions helps between 5 and 10 families a month move from homelessness to housing. We maintain a list of community members (that’s you!) to contact when a family is ready for a Welcome Home Kit.

  • Let us know that you’re ready to answer the call by emailing us or completing this super short form.
  • When needed, we’ll reach out to see if it’s the right time for you.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll send a gift card, funds to buy one, or put together the items yourself (see above). Gift cards are ideal because it allows families to choose their own supplies.

Questions? Ready to welcome someone home?
Contact Brielle to learn more or sign right up: 971.806.7759 or