Welcome and thank you for taking a look at our Five Year Strategic & Equity Plan!

The team at Human Solutions spent 18 months listening to our staff, housing residents, program participants and partners to inform a new direction for our organization.

Our goals are clear – to support long-term housing and economic security for the people and communities we partner with, to become a financially stronger agency that makes meaningful progress countering the forces of oppression within our organization and without, and to elevate our advocacy for policies that will help end homelessness and interrupt intergenerational poverty. 

Join Us – We’re going places!


  1.  It targets our efforts toward lasting progress on some of our most significant community issues – poverty, homelessness and residential displacement.
  2. It centers our work and organization around racial and community equity.
  3.  It leverages our 30+ years working in East Multnomah County to advocate for real solutions and needed community investments.
  4.  We developed it together, as a team, with input from our whole organization and community.
  5.  We will live by it and hold ourselves accountable to its ambitious goals.

Important components to read & download:


1 | Thriving individuals, families and communities.

The people and communities who partner with Human Solutions will experience long-term housing stability and economic security so they can seize opportunities to thrive.

2 | An inclusive, anti-racist organization delivering equitable results.

Human Solutions will recognize and counter the impacts of racism and other forms of systemic oppression by modeling and championing diversity, equity and inclusivity in our leadership, programs, outcomes, investments and operations.

3 | Public policies and systems that reduce poverty and help more people thrive.

Human Solutions will advocate with our community for policies and investments that expand housing and economic opportunity, eliminate wealth inequality and end poverty.

4 | A strong, capable and nimble organization.

Human Solutions will develop the resources, internal systems, staffing and capacity to achieve our mission.