Volunteer with Human Solutions Shelter Programs

We have an urgent need for food.  Families have been relocated to motels in the area, so we need convenient, reheat-able food for them. If you'd like to help, you can order items from this amazon wishlist.

If you would like to contribute in other ways, please contact our Volunteer and Donations Coordinator, Christina: cnewcomb@humansolutions.org

Thank you!

If you are looking to get more involved, become a Special Skills Volunteer!

Special Skills Volunteers commit to 10+ hours a month and choose from a variety of volunteer positions, including:

Pick Up Delivery Driver

All Times/ On-call throughout the week

Pick-Up Delivery Drivers use their personal vehicles to pick up and deliver donated goods to Human

Solutions Shelters. Volunteers can sign up for designated shift hours or remain on call throughout the

week or on certain days. Pick Up needs are communicated by the Volunteer Coordinator mainly through email and text. Volunteer must have a current license and insurance information.

Kitchen Volunteer

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Shifts vary

Assist our Kitchen Associate in meal preparation, planning and kitchen/ pantry organization. Food

Handlers card preferred. Volunteers may be asked to cut, prepare or reheat any number of foods, create menus, serve meals to guests, or do other tasks as needed.

Special Skills Volunteers

Days & Times Vary

Our Special Skills Volunteers lead or teach one-off or recurring workshops and classes. Experience is not required. Examples of past and current activities include: art classes, craft making, GED prep, tutoring, parenting workshops, and other specialized classes & events. We are open to all suggestions, so if this sounds like you, please come join us!

Child Activity Volunteers

Days & Times Vary

Examples of activities include: story-time, arts & crafts, outdoor games, catch or recess, and other kid specific games or activities. Parents remain on-site during all child-centered activities. No certification required, though first aid certification and CPR experience is appreciated & preferred.

Field Trip Leaders

Days & Times Vary

Want to host a picnic in Mt. Tabor? Go for a walk in Forrest Park? Take a few families to the beach? We are seeking volunteers to plan and organize off-site field trips for adults, in our shelter programs.

Gym Night Chaperones

Tuesday Nights, 7-9pm

Help us create a safe and fun evening for our Rosewood neighborhood kids, including children from the shelter and Rosewood community center. Gym Night Chaperones will meet at the Family Center at 7pm on Tuesday nights, accompany and supervise 35+ kids for their weekly fun & game night at a gym near by and help our volunteers clean up the gym after the kids leave. Two hour commitment, weekly or bi-monthly preferred.

Volunteer Leaders/ Interns

Minimum 1 day / week, preferably Saturdays

Work directly with volunteer coordinator to help coordinate volunteers, assist with volunteer paperwork

and scheduling and orientations. Keep track of projects that need to be done in both shelters.

Office Volunteers

Tuesdays, 9am-12pm

Assist with paperwork, create and maintain organizational systems at the Family Center staff office. Work

directly with Family Center Manager to help streamline paperwork in the shelter.

If you are interested in any position above:

  • Please make sure you have filled out an application on this website (https://humansolutions.org/helping/volunteering/volunteering-application/ )
  • Attend an orientation (every last Saturday of the month from 12 pm-1 pm at the Family Center.)
  • Have a one-on-one or group interview (group interviews are held during the orientation)
  • Choose a volunteer position and schedule your first shift!

Volunteering Application