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3 Reasons to Act By Midnight

Every day, with our team’s expert and caring support, families and individuals are moving from shelters into apartments they can afford – from instability toward a more secure future.

Keeping Folks Housed

Our services help by offering tools for those experiencing housing insecurity so they can keep their housing.

It Takes a Village to House a City

Scott and Dan are making a positive impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness. They are using the skills they have and finding new ways to pay it forward.

18 (Going on 19) Housing Communities

Human Solutions is building affordable housing in one of the most racially and culturally diverse areas of Oregon, repairing structural problems years in the making.

20 Years Later, Jamie Pays it Forward

Donations from folks like Jamie mean one of our community members has done incredible work to build their own stability, and they’re excited to see the same happen for someone else – with our ready partnership.

We’re Building Climate-Smart Housing

Building climate-smart for our community and neighborhoods is part of our future at Human Solutions. Housing is a human right, and there is no housing justice without climate justice.