Equity Statement

Diversity is Human Solutions

Human Solutions is a multi-racial and multi-cultural organization offering services in East Portland and mid and East Multnomah County, one of the most diverse and changing areas in Multnomah County. To improve our success in providing services and programs to families and individuals who are homeless or living in poverty, we strive to understand the historical legacies of inequality, learned patterns of oppression, and the strong connection between poverty and race, especially as applied to communities of color. The Board and staff of Human Solutions believe that by taking action to achieve equity in our agency and program outcomes, we are fulfilling our mission which is to help low-income and homeless families and individuals gain self-sufficiency by providing affordable housing, family support services, job readiness training and economic development opportunities. Human Solutions is committed to understanding, challenging and restructuring our agency’s policies and procedures to create a more equitable institution and to create the conditions for broader community change.