Ambassador Board

Human Solutions, Inc.
Ambassador Board; Established July 2014

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Human Solutions Ambassador Board is to raise awareness about Human Solutions in the community, to assist in fundraising for the organization, and to foster development of future community leaders.

Three Focus Areas:

  1. Raising Awareness
  2. Raising Funds
  3. Direct Service

Function:  Voluntarily serve Human Solutions by nurturing and facilitating relationships that will effectively link corporations, individuals and organizations with Human Solutions in meaningful ways that will ultimately lead to community and financial support.

Core Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Event Growth & Expansion
    1. Help seek out and secure sponsorships
    2. Procurement of goods or services for events
    3. Attendance development
    4. Promote Human Solutions involvement in fundraising or promotional campaigns.
  2. Community Awareness
    1. Invite professional and/or personal connections to informal and informational happy hour like events to help Human Solutions reach new people.
    2. Help develop new strategies that can help grow awareness of Human Solutions in the greater Portland area community.
  3. Direct Service
    1. Develop and execute opportunities for Ambassador Board members to provide direct volunteer service to clients (Holiday Store, Winter Shelter, Daybreak Shelter, Summer Lunch, etc.)

Interested in learning more? Contact Scott Langen at 503-548-0282 or via email here