Jean DeMaster

Jean DeMaster’s Retirement Celebration

After more than 44 years of service to the community, including 13 years as the Executive Director at Human Solutions, Jean DeMaster is retiring. Please join us for a celebration of Jean and her years of dedicated service to helping vulnerable populations in Portland.

When: Wednesday, August 26th | Drop by Anytime Between 6-8:30 pm
Where: McMenamins Kennedy School
5736 N.E. 33rd Ave. | Portland OR 97211




Make a donation to the Jean DeMaster Family Assistance Fund

Bank of America Merrill Lynch will match the first $2,500 donated!

Human Solution's New Website

Welcome to Our New Website

Human Solutions is trilled to present our new website! Our new site will allow us to better communicate with all of our stakeholders. We can more easily let you know what is going with the agency, and we have made it easier for you to find the information you need!

Have a look around and check out all of the new content and features. While you are there, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you will always know what’s happening.




 Luliia joined the Pathways to Success program in 2013. She lived with her parents, who both received Social Security income due to disabilities, and younger siblings. At the time, Luliia was going through the Surgical Technician program at Mount Hood Community College (MHCC).  She was struggling to pay for transportation and other expenses since she was unemployed and was about to drop out of the Surgical Technician program. Luliia asked her Vocational Case Manager (VCM) to help her find a job so that she could help her family financially.

After assessing the financial and housing situation, Luliia was advised to pursue her training at MHCC while her VCM assisted her family in accessing rental and energy assistance, food, and other resources. We were able to assist Luliia with a monthly gas card for transportation and assisted her with the National Examination fee.

After Luliia successfully completed her Surgical Technician program at MHCC and went through an internship, her VCM assisted her with creating a resume and completing online employment applications for many employers, such as Providence, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Legacy Health, and various medical staffing agencies.

Luliia was called for an interview at Providence and OHSU.  Her VCM spent time with Luliia reviewing possible interview questions for the upcoming interviews.  Luliia went to both interviews with confidence and was offered a job at Providence and OHSU.  Since OHSU offered a full-time position, Luliia decided to accept the position with OHSU. Luliia is happy working full-time for OHSU and is earning $20.00/hour. She is looking forward to gaining more skills and work experience in the Surgical Tech field and sharing her experience with her siblings and friends. She mentioned that she would encourage all of her friends, siblings, and other church members to go to college and work hard to reach their educational goals.  Her dream and future goal is to become a surgeon.

Board of Directors Names New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Human Solutions, Inc. announced today that Andy Miller has been named Executive Director of the Human Solutions, effective July 13. He will succeed Jean DeMaster, who is retiring at the end of September. . In announcing the appointment of Miller, Carla Piluso, chair of Human Solutions’ Board of Directors, stated […]

Summer Meals in Portland

Summer Meals for Kids

Human Solutions recognizes the importance of summer meals for kids. That’s why we work with our partners to provide summer lunch’s at eight of our housing complexes. The lunches are provided by the Centennial, Reynolds and Gresham Barlow School Districts. We also received a grant from Partnership for a Hunger Free Oregon to support staffing costs. We provide parents and teens living in the complexes stipends to help serve lunches and organize fun activities for children. Last year, we served nearly 10,000 lunches, and expect to exceed that number this year.

State of Housing in Portland

The Portland Housing Bureau released a new report called The State of Housing in Portland. In the forward to the report, Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman, states that the report, the first of its kind for the Portland area, “is a comprehensive look at Portland’s housing market, integrating the most current private and pubic data. This report and those that follow are intended to help inform policy decisions by providing timely, meaningful information on what is occurring in the market now as well as its impact on Portlanders of different races, ethnicities, family composition, and income levels.”

Read the full report here.